Regular/Irregular Series, 2018

Glass, aluminum, LED lighting, electronic components, unique color choreography
Regular 1: 1’-7.25” x 14’-6” x 1’-3”, 49 x 442 x 38 cm 
Irregular 1: l’-7.25” x 5’-O”x l’-3”, 49 x 152 x 38 cm 
Irregular 2: 1’-7.25” x 10’-9” x 1’-3”, 49 x 328 x 38 cm
Irregular 3: l’-7.25” x 12’-6” x l’-3”, 49 x 38l x 38 cm

Inspired by the “corner window” in Smith’s Lucid Stead: Four Windows and a Doorway, the Regular/Irregular works merge color with reflection within a durational, spatial experience. Using a consistent modular logic, this series of work is composed of regular or irregular compositions. Irregular compositions have no particular pattern or symmetry, which allow color to be pushed across the reflective surfaces in a more organic way. The regular composition adheres to a consistent rhythm of dimension and spacing allowing the color to be distributed consistently across similar surfaces (all of the right-facing pan-els are blue, while the left-facing panels are red, for instance). The dialogue of color, form, and reflection creates a continuity and shift of one’s perception of the space being viewed and the space in which the work is located. Dark room (night) conditions amplify the concentration of color over reflection, whereas lit room (day) conditions amplify color over reflection, creating tinted views of oneself and the surrounding environment.