Reflectors (for Palazzo Isimbardi), 2018

Milan, Italy
Mirror polished stainless steel, painted steel
Five volumes with the following varied dimensions (mm):
20” x 72” x 81”, 504 x 1831 x 2057mm 
20” x 48” x 108.5”, 504 x 1220 x 2756mm
21” x 30” x 137.5”, 540 x 766 x 3496mm

After experiencing Open Sky in the courtyard of the Palazzo Isimbardi, visitors continue through the grand 16th century palace and out into the private, secluded garden. In this respite from urbanity, they encounter five free-standing sculptures, strategically placed across the verdant greens. The works mirror the foliage, surrounding architecture and sky across their horizontal and vertical corrugated and reflective skins, re-collaging the surrounding environment.

The work creates opportunities to view the garden in altogether new ways as each piece reconfigures its existing surroundings into an entirely fresh vignette. As the sculpture surfaces serve to compress space and directionality, the time of day acts as co-creator of the viewer’s experience in its deliverance of various colors and atmosphere to the reflected planes. As the light of the sky, the tones of the landscape, and the actions of the viewer continuously shift, the Reflectors stand testament to the perpetual existence of change in our daily lives. Designed as a complementary series to Open Sky, the Reflectors accentuate and extend the installation’s overall experience by offering smaller, more intimate interactions with environmental reflection and spatial perspective.