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Portals, 2016 

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Indio, CA 
Fiberglass, LED lighting, electronic components, unique color program 
Portals (6’-0” diameter x 2’-0” deep, 1.8 x 0.6m) 
Pavilion (85’-0” diameter x 10’-6” high, 26 x 3.2m)
Wood construction, white paint, mirror polished stainless steel, 35’ high boxed mesquite tree, Cresta boulders, LED lighting 

The Portals pavilion defines a space for light, while carving out a meditative space for calm amongst the intensity of Coachella. At 85 feet in diameter, the pavilion’s reflective exterior skin dances with the pace of the show and fans, while the interior quietly opens to the sky, pierced by a 35’ high Mesquite tree. A spatial rhythm of shifting color separated by intermediate reflective public spaces rings the circular structure. Contained within its own open white cube, each light shifting Portal sculpture projects its color and pace inward where people gather to be bathed in light and sky. Stepping up to the edge of each Portal, the adjacent walls allow the 99,999 other people to fade away, opening the viewer to their own unique, individual experience with color and light.