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Parallel Perpendicular, 2021

West Hollywood, CA (commissioned in 2014)
Steel, glass, LED lighting, electronic components, unique color program
The five mirrored volumes have dimensions that range from 4 feet long x 8 feet high x 1.5 feet deep to the largest volume that measures 9.5 feet long x 9.5 feet high x 5.5 feet deep

Composed of five freestanding volumes, Parallel Perpendicular orchestrates parallel and perpendicular planes of reflection and color that transform from day to night through the movement of the sun and the viewer. By day, the beauty of the park, sky, and West Hollywood community collages across the sculpture’s surface as fragmented reflections. By night, the reflective planes become fields of floating color that slowly shift and merge to create an ever-changing, precisely choreographed composition of color, light, and reflection. Parallel Perpendicular is an artwork that can never be seen the same way twice and, as a result, is meant to be engaged with and visited throughout the year as the light, color, and atmosphere of West Hollywood transforms through the seasons.