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Open Sky, 2018

Milan, Italy (April 17 - 22 - Salone Del Mobile)
Mirror polished stainless steel, aluminum, plywood, concrete composite panels
44’-2.375” x 11’-2.675”, 13.5 x 3.4m

Open Sky transforms the overhead square of sky of Palazzo Isimbardi’s courtyard into a grounded, physical ring of reflected sky. Upon entry into the courtyard, one is faced with the tactile, yet abstract presence of the immense, circular form. Moving through the colonnade to the far side of the courtyard, the palazzo’s 16th century architecture is seen angularly reconfigured across the faceted, reflective surface. Approaching the center of the installation, the angle of reflection shifts and the architecture slowly pulls away like a curtain, opening up the sky. At the center, one is fully encircled by the sublime, slowly paced physicality of the sky’s changing color gradient and the shifting clouds. It is an installation that is always in a constant state of flux as the colors of the environment shift, as the light of the day changes, and as the viewer moves through the space, resulting in an entirely unique experience for every individual that can never be replicated.