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Detroit Skybridge, 2018 

Detroit, MI 
Existing skybridge, aluminum, LED lighting, electronic components, unique color program 
13’ x 11’ x 100’, 3.9 x 3.3 x 30.5m 

Detroit Skybridge connects two of Detroit’s most iconic buildings, One Woodward and the Guardian Building, the 100 foot long 16th floor skybridge becomes a floating bar of light hovering over the streets of Downtown Detroit. Inspired by the modular white concrete of Yamasaki’s 1962 skyscraper and the mosaic of color within the 1929 Guardian Building, Smith has created a unique color program for this significantly scaled project. Composed of shifting gradients and moving planes of light, this precisely paced installation merges art with architecture at the scale of the city.

Presented as an entirely unique art experience outside of the traditional bounds of the museum or gallery, this project positions itself within the public realm for all to experience freely. By day, the skybridge is seen as its historical self within the architecture and massing of Downtown. But by night, it becomes a beacon for the beauty, creativity, and innovation of Detroit.