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10 Columns: Small, Medium, Large, 2020

When Smith conceived of the 10 Columns installation, he acknowledged that the site specific installation would only happen once, never able to be precisely replicated as experienced in the Hollywood, CA exhibition space.  Accordingly, as Smith was developing his thoughts on the main installation, he was working parallel on a second and final iteration that would incorporate all 30 of the mirrored volumes as reimagined works.

The result was 10 Columns: Small, Medium, Large, composed of nine individual wall-mounted works each at an edition of two.  Acknowledging the modular logic of the original installation through their titles, these works also define the finite iterations of single and double volumes, all of which (at an edition of 2) tally to the original 30 volumes.  Each color-choreographed by Smith, these wall-mounted works celebrate the 10 Columns installation’s merging of reflection, color, and space within a 90 degree angle cantilevered off of the wall.