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10 Columns, 2019

Hollywood, CA, Inaugural Exhibition at Bridge Projects
Aluminum, glass, LED lighting, electronic components, unique color program
7000 sq.ft x 10 columns
Small: 3’-6” x 1’-4” x 9”, 106 x 41 x 23 cm
Medium: 3’-6” x 2’-2” x 9”, 106 x 66 x 23 cm
Large: 3’-6” x 3’-0” x 9”, 106 x 91 x 23 cm

10 Columns defines an ever-changing spatial experience in which projected and reflected color shifts, merges, and floats along a horizontal datum. The installation is composed of 30 mirrored volumes cantilevered from ten columns in the 7,000sf space. Conceived as a modular system of color and reflection, the 30 volumes are all the same height (42”) and are divided equally into three groups of ten at each of the three lengths (16”, 26” and 36”). The volumes and mirrored panels adhere to a system that provides for varied configurations focused on three corner conditions that alter perceptions of space, color, and materiality. 

The unique color program specifically created for 10 Columns defines varied spatial experiences through the brightness, location, and selection of color. At times, the entire space is immersed in deep, dark blue or all mirrors facing west are united in yellow. Sometimes, most of the space is dark, as pure, unlit, mirrored surfaces, while a singular column glows from the corner. The color program’s varied conditions seamlessly interweave at a slow, meditative pace, allowing for objective acknowledgment from afar or engaged abstraction of reflected color from up close.